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The Waves got torpedoed by Trump and Covid, please sign up to How To Stop Fascism

I’m discontinuing The Waves. Conceived before anybody had ever heard of Covid-19, it was an idea that didn’t work. During the past 18 months my work became more focused on the new far right and the multiple threats to democracy we face. I’ve just launched a new letter called How To Stop Fascism, featuring regular news, comment and analysis around the ideas in my upcoming book.

The book argues, against expectations I have held for more than 30 years, that a second fascist era is possible. It can be stopped if we destigmatise antifascism, combine the left and centre in politics, and use erect strong constitutional safeguards against far right violence and genocidal incitement.

The newsletter will remain free-to-subscribe, and will be mirrored on Medium. By signing up you get first look at all the content and I get to communicate direct with you, without going through the lottery of social media algorithms.

I hope you will subscribe to How To Stop Fascism. This fight fight is urgent and existential for Western democracies. Here’s the link. Au Revoir and thank you!

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